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Pure Impact Fitness' Transformation Challenge is Currently Ongoing!

Pure Impact Athletics is a fitness studio with a mission to become a powerfully positive presence in our community. Our goal is to improve and transform lives through fitness by empowering youth, teens and adults as they work towards becoming the healthiest version of themselves. Pure Impact Athletics is more than just a gym; we are a community full of empowerment, support, motivation, connection, and accountability.

Community is everything to us. At Pure Impact Athletics we believe everyone is deserving of their healthiest and happiest life and that is why we are piloting an initiative and event called the Pure Transformation Challenge. The goal of this event is to provide a powerful 8 week transformation opportunity to 10 members of our local community during the Summer of 2021.

How it Works.

The Pure Transformation Challenge consists of 9 contestants and 7 trainers, competing weekly. They are all challenged especially the contestants as they transform physically and mentally, competing for their chance to win a 1 year membership at Pure Impact Athletics.  Trainers provide support, personal training, group training and nutritional programming as they work hard at transforming inside & out.

Every Friday night for the duration of the event, contestants and trainers will participate in a weekly competition challenge event where they will work together in a fun & friendly competition, challenging their teamwork, endurance, strength, and desire to transform. Very soon we will begin sharing contestant profiles, the selection process, interviews, weekly updates, training highlights, competition night and more in a weekly YouTube series and on all our social media platforms!